Meleah Johnston, APN, NP-C is a nurse practitioner at REN Dermatology. A native of Jackson, Tennessee, she received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Middle Tennessee State University. She also graduated as a family nurse practitioner (FNP) from Tennessee State University with a Master’s degree in nursing.

At REN Dermatology, she provides both clinical and cosmetic services to patients, including formulating diagnoses and developing treatment plans. Her experience includes working as an RN at Vanderbilt Regional Burn Center and Vanderbilt Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinics.  In addition, Meleah is a member of both the Dermatology Nurses Association and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, through which she is board certified.


REN Dermatology Patient Testimonial:

“I went to REN Dermatology after my mother’s recommendation to have a mole removed off my back. I was so impressed with so many things. The cleanliness, the organization, the friendliness, and the communication. I love to go somewhere and feel welcomed. It was so bright and open. Meleah Johnston was my nurse and she did a wonderful job. She held conversation with me, asked me great questions, and did a wonderful job with my removal. The quality I really appreciated from her and her work was the way she talked me through the procedure. I love that communication and awareness. I would highly recommend REN Dermatology to anyone I know. I’m very thankful for their service and care.” — Blake H.