Michael Daniel, PA-C, REN Dermatology


Did you know coffee can be beneficial for your skin?

Our PA Michael Daniel presents an ode to coffee in celebration of National Coffee Day- read on to learn more about java and the ways it can affect your skin.

It’s National Coffee Day! In honor of our favorite little black beverage (and my daily 2-cup a day habit), let’s take a look at what coffee can do for your skin. Although the benefits and risks of coffee are heavily debated, current science does show that it has certain benefits.


Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco


1)  Caffeine is an antioxidant. Anti-oxidants fight inflammation and oppose free radicals that are known to cause aging (wrinkles, dark spots, etc.) as well as cancer and a host of other diseases.

2)  Coffee can reduce dark circles under your eyes. Yes, that’s right. Caffeine has been shown to help with those pesky dark circles. It can help reduce puffiness and inflammation. It also constricts blood vessels that contribute to the dark color under your eyes. Caffeine is an ingredient in many eye creams.

3)  Coffee repairs Ultraviolet (UV) damage. UV rays from the sun can cause DNA damage in the skin that cause skin cancers. Like mentioned above, coffee is a natural antioxidant. It may be even more powerful than its sister beverage, Green tea. So enjoy that iced coffee on the beach (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Of course, still re-apply that sunscreen every two hours to avoid sunburns and skin cancer!

4)  Coffee can tighten skin. Coffee is a diuretic. When used in creams or serums, caffeine can dehydrate fat cells, making them smaller and ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite.

5)  Freshly ground coffee can be used to exfoliate the skin. In some cultures, freshly ground coffee has been used to make exfoliating scrubs. The fine crystals help remove old, dead skin cells and the caffeine has the benefits on your skin that are mentioned above.

So go enjoy a cup on this beautiful fall day! Try one of my favorite coffee shops in town- Head to Crema or Barista Parlor if you’re in Nashville, or Frothy Monkey if you’re in Franklin. Tell them your skin sent you.   
 – Michael Daniel, PA-C