Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can be quite bothersome and difficult to treat.

Acne is a result of inflammation in the sebaceous glands that’s characterized by comedones and pimples — especially on the face, back and chest — and in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.

There are a variety of treatments for acne, depending on the severity of the outbreak, the patient’s age, and their skin type. In addition to topical treatments, oral medication and good skin care, laser treatments and photodynamic therapy can be helpful in improving this common problem.

Chemical peels can also aid in the removal of active acne, as well as reduce scarring and discoloration left behind from old acne.

When acne improves, there is often resulting scarring (manifesting as atrophic “divots” in the skin). Scars can appear as “icepick”, “rolling”, “boxcar”- but the bottom line is these scars are often bothersome. Treatment of acne scarring is a slow process, requiring months to notice improvement. at REN Dermatology, our approach to acne scarring is multi-pronged including:

– Topical creams or chemical peels to help decrease pigmentation or discoloration
– Microneedling to help stimulate collagen synthesis and remodeling of the skin
– Resurfacing Laser treatments to use heat to stimulate collagen synthesis
– Radio-frequency treatments (safe in all skin types and skin color)

Acne Scarring

How REN Dermatology Can Help

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REN Dermatology & Aesthetics offers convenient hours, including appointments in the early morning, late afternoon/evening, and most weekends. The office can accommodate patients’ needs for utmost privacy and confidentiality, including a private entry and waiting room by request.

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