Licensed Medical Esthetician Kara Ballard shares the stages of microblading and why it may take a couple weeks until you see the finished product.

Microblading is a brow GAME CHANGER. Back in the day, people would get their brows tattooed with a tattoo machine that goes deep into the skin depositing ink making it permanent. Microblading is superficial, feather-like strokes mimicking brow hair and only semi-permanent. You will need a touch up every 12-18 months just to refresh the color. It is excellent for people who are losing their brows due to age, thyroid issues, overplucking, etc.. It will save a good 10-20 minutes in the morning just putting your brows on!

When I have a client come in to REN Dermatology for microblading, I am always very clear on how the appearance will change throughout the healing process. Here is the breakdown of the stages of Microblading…

Day 1
Your brows will be bold and possibly a little red. Some people love their new bold brows but if they look a little too bold, DON’T PANIC.

Day 2-4
Your brows will still be bold and the strokes might appear thicker. You will also be a little tender. You can’t stop looking at them and being a little self conscious because you feel like they are so noticeable now. Chances are other people aren’t paying any attention to them. Keep reminding yourself, this phase won’t last forever. Soon you will have gorgeous, low maintenance brows!

Day 5-7
This is when things start to change. You might start seeing a little scabbing and flaking. DO NOT PICK! We made a bunch of tiny wounds (like paper cuts) on your brows and your body is just trying to heal. It might look splotchy or as if all of the pigment came off. Just let it heal and rinse the area without scrubbing. It will come off in it’s own sweet time.

Day  8-10
The scabbing should be done and sloughed off at this point. You might panic thinking all of the microblading pigment is gone or it might appear greyish. Again, no need to panic. Your brows should be healed enough at this point that you can fill in with some powder temporarily.

Day 14-28
All of the sudden the pigment can be seen a little better and you can see the defined strokes. It might still be a little splotchy but much, much better than it was.

Day 29-56
You are all healed! The color should be settled and you should have a soft and natural looking brow. At your 6 week FREE microblading touchup, we will fill in any little holes where the pigment might have faded too much or is uneven. This is also when we can go a little darker in color or make other additions or corrections if needed. 

Hope this helps people to understand the healing process after microblading. Follow our microblading post care instructions and you’ll do great!

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