REN’s Summer Sale

Shop our biggest sale of the Summer on shop.rendermatology.com. Pre-purchase our most popular cosmetic treatments to use throughout the year. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer! Click here to see our sale schedule.

Summer Sale Q & A

What is Summer Sale?
Summer Sale is our biggest sale of the Summer! Pre-purchase cosmetic treatments at a discount and use the treatments throughout the year. For the next 3 weekends different cosmetic treatments will be on sale. Take advantage because the sales will end every Sunday! Treatments can be purchased on shop.rendermatology.com

What will be included in Summer Sale? 
Click here to see what treatments will be on sale and when.   

Is skincare on sale?
Yes! Shop online or in office and save 20% on skincare products. (Excluding Latisse and Upneeq).

When does the sale start? 
Every Friday at 5pm CST the new treatments will be available on shop.rendermatology.com. The weekend sales will end Sunday at 11:59pm CST. 

Do the treatments expire? 
Treatments purchased during Summer Sale expire May 31, 2024.

What Laser Hair Removal areas will be on sale?
Bikini, Underarm, Brazilian, Lip, Lip and Chin, Chin, Full Legs

Do I need a Cosmetic Consultation?
Yes, some cosmetic treatments require a cosmetic consult. Learn more and purchase a cosmetic consult here. 

Have a question about your purchase?
Email orders@rendermatology.com with any Summer Sale questions.