So, you’re considering getting fillers injected to your lips? Read this before your treatment to help prepare!

  1. At REN Dermatology, we always require a consultation before your actual treatment. If you’re really ready to take the plunge, the treatment can be done on the same day as your consultation. However, the consultation is important for a few reasons. It helps us understand your desired outcome or “look.” Our patients have varying ideas of how they would like their lips to look. Some merely want to try to regain the lip volume they had at a younger age. Some want to majorly plump up their lips. Some want to work more on the wrinkles around the lips, and some just aren’t sure what they want! The consultation allows us to discuss things and prepare you for what to expect. We can also discuss pricing at this time.
  2. On the day of the treatment, most patients will arrive around 30 minutes before their scheduled treatment time. This allows us some prep time to take photos of your face/lips, and clean off the lips and apply a topical numbing cream.
  3. We block off a generous appointment time for you so you will never feel rushed! The actual procedure may take 15-30 minutes, possibly longer if we are treating other areas of the face as well as the lips. While most people find the numbing cream very effective, you may still feel a slight stinging pain or a funny pressure as the filler is injected.
  4. Some people are more prone to bleeding with the injections (especially if you are taking aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, Vitamin E). The needle we use to inject the filler is very small, but you may still have some pinpoints of bleeding. These may result in small bruises on your actual lip or slightly around the lip. Please plan to schedule your treatment around big events, it’s probably a good idea to have at least a week to recover before any major engagements (or photo shoots, or parties/galas, etc…). If you do get a bruise, you may feel a small bump at the area- try to avoid rubbing or massaging that spot. It will gradually resolve. It is safe to apply lip gloss, lipstick the next day after your treatment.Lips Before & After
  5. There is often swelling of the lips, this can begin immediately during/after your treatment in the office and become more prominent that evening or the next day. Swelling usually only lasts 1-2 days. I recommend icing the lips after the treatment. Sometimes there is also some mild soreness or tenderness afterwards, for which you can take Ibuprofen. Please understand that the amount of volume your lip may appear to have may not be as big once any swelling or bruising have resolved. In about 1 week, your lips should settle to the final appearance.
  6. Please tell us if you are highly prone to oral cold sores (“fever blisters”, Herpes simplex breakouts). You may benefit from taking a prescription antiviral medication before the treatment.
  7. We hope you will trust our judgment in choosing the best filler for your lips. There are many filler products available on the market and we offer all of them. They are all similarly priced. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we will select the treatment we think will fit your needs the best. We really try to customize your treatment based on your desired outcome.


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